Tyler Fox


Experience:3 Years



Tyler Fox

COO, Athlete


Hi, I’m Tyler! I was always the school nerd, whether it was high school or college. Setting goals was my mission in 2008 where at 5 foot 6 inches, at 175 lbs, I knew a change had to happen. I set goals, changed my nutrition, and begun working out with Tony Horton with P90x! Not only did I lose weight, but I crushed my goals and by 2010, he had lost 35 lbs. He got tired of never knowing what to do at the globo gyms and decided to try CrossFit. That’s when I met Dori and Ally. I saw some of the craziness Dori was doing at the gym and knew I had to join him. He taught me a lot about myself and functional fitness, and that it was addicting. My schedule got the best of me and needed a change, so although I am not a college student – I’m the every day athlete that has gym access but needed a BOX to fit my time. I’m out to prove that you don’t need a BOX to be FIT.