Daily WOD Program


The Daily WOD Program is provided 7x a week, with a rest day. The daily WOD’s are programmed with metcons, strength progressions, and we include warm-ups, scales, and modifications.

Metcons are programmed daily, while duration of each Metcon may differ, you’ll love the workouts! Get that burner workout today.

Scaling & Modifications:
If the Metcon has complex barbell or gymnastic movements, there will always be an option for you. Don’t worry! Utilize our Facebook Community to post questions and ask feedback for our coach!

Strength training is included throughout the Daily WOD Program. Strength progressions are important to everyone’s training so having this in the workouts at least twice a week is critical to an athletes success. Try out this program for 10 days free! Cancel anytime!

Daily WOD Program Includes:

  • 7x a week offering
  • Metcons, Strength Progressions, Warm-Ups, Scales, Modifications

Sample Day:

1 Sets:
250m run
4 Inch worms + 4 scorpion kicks
250m Run
10 Hollow rocks
10 Arch rocks

Prep as needed

2 rounds for time of:

Cash In: 600m Run
•Hang Squat Cleans 205/135
•Bar Facing Burpees
•Knees to Elbow
Cash Out: 600m Run

2 rounds for time of:

Cash In: 600m Run
•Hang Power Cleans 135/95
•Bar Facing Burpees
•Knees to Elbow
Cash Out: 600m Run

BOXLESS Athletics - Daily Fitness Program

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is simple as we are committed to providing fitness programs that will keep you accountable, engaged, and get you excited about fitness as we set out to prove that you do not need a BOX to be FIT.

Metcons 100%
Strength Progressions 75%
Warm Ups 100%
Scales & Modifications 100%


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