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BoxLESS Athletics provides you multiple fitness tracks for you to stay motivated and for you to GET FIT. Each fitness track is programmed for you to be accountable, and to stay focused while seizing the day. The online workout tracks are the daily WOD, Forever FIT, or the Power Program. BoxLESS Athletic’s is on a mission to open a physical space soon, but in the mean time, we are happy to offer you any one of programs with a 10 day trial. Stop paying a fortune today, and start working out with BoxLESS! Practice, workout, and set PR’s today with our online fitness community, program, and amazing workouts!

We're a small team!

We’re a small team so that means we’re more focused on providing you the tools you need to succeed in your fitness goals.  The workout tracks all come with a 10 day trial and we have a great Facebook Group allowing you to connect with others.  If you need help modifying, or scaling, just ask! We are always available to help you to where you want to be with your fitness goals.

Online Fitness Program!

The workout tracks can be performed anywhere! Because the workouts are available through the SugarWOD app, take the workouts with you wherever you are. Workout at home, garage, your gym, or even on vacation.  Don’t forget, we hope to be opening a physical space soon, but that won’t stop us from providing you the tools you need to succeed.

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Why Choose Us?

Our mission is simple as we are committed to providing fitness programs that will keep you accountable, engaged, and get you excited about fitness as we set out to prove that you do not need a BOX to be FIT.

Online Community 100%
Accountability 100%
Motivation 100%
Fun 100%


Dori Fleekop

Owner, Coach, Programmer, Athlete

Tyler Fox

COO, Athlete